14-Day Flexibility Challenge

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Free 14-Day Flexibility Challenge! 

Join the 14-Day Flexibility Challenge to help you gain flexibility in just minutes a day! Journey to the Toes and BEYOND!
(you CAN do it!)

It’s time to stop feeling like you are stiff in the morning, after work, all day.
It’s time to stop using over the counter pain killers to get through each day.
It’s time to stop wishing for more agility and movement.
It’s time to stop feeling like you have to tell people you “just aren’t that flexible.” 

"Loved this! What a difference it has made in just a short time!"
"I haven't taken a pain killer since I started, and I used to take them daily. "
I just realized tonight that I can grab my feet!? Even though it's only been 6 days...I am seriously amazed right now that I can do this.
Ummm... I can touch my freaking toes now!!!
"Just did my day 2 challenge, and I am feeling motivated. Maybe I am a challenge person after all!"
"I loved the first day; it felt good to get myself moving even though it wasn't easy!"

It’s time to start here, and start with me, and start for free.  

— daily videos to help you touch those toes or further!

— daily inspiration and lots of fun too!

Yoga is about more than touching your toes. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun challenge to work toward a goal that many have or to find more overall flexibility.

Your Toes and MORE are Within Your Grasp.

I can’t guarantee you will reach your toes in the length of the challenge, but I do promise you will see progress. It’s not about how many days it takes but the journey along the way. You will learn stretches and gain flexibility and feel better…all for you; all free.

Just promise to be nice to yourself whether your journey takes 5 days or 50.
It’s about the journey and the process and how good you will feel allllll the way down.

What do you have to lose? Tightness? Stiffness? Fatigue?

What do you have to gain? Flexibility? Length? Energy? Wellness?