Self-care is Not Selfish: Removing Roadblocks

How can you trouble shoot and creatively problem solve getting around/over/under/through the obstacles keeping you from the self-care routine you want, need and deserve?

How frequently our mind gets in the way of our progress. Mindset work is an ongoing project for all of us, and removing real and perceived roadblocks is part of that process.

Spend some time reflecting on your current self-care routine and your ideal self-care routine. If it isn’t at the level you need it to be why isn’t it? What are you prioritizing instead? What are you letting get in your way? How can you creatively problem solve your way out of or around that problem? What help do you need or resources could be used?

Maybe you just need to give yourself permission for self-care. Self-care is not selfish. We are better versions of ourselves when we are cared for and when our tank is full. This is a demanding world, and what we give to others or recommend to others (get some rest, take some time off, etc) we need to also heed ourselves.

A resource that might be a great fit for you is the Yoga with TG Membership.
Roadblock: busy work schedule — the membership library is available to you 24/7.

Roadblock: the studio schedule doesn’t match my availability OR I like sculpt but can’t make that class, and it isn’t available when I am — the membership includes all of my class styles, full-length classes you can do on whatever day and at whatever time you wish.

Roadblock: I can’t get away from home because I lack childcare, etc. — the membership is yours to use anywhere. I also have a free five-day challenge to help you create an in-home yoga space that will work for you.

Roadblock: I travel for work and cannot find a yoga studio everywhere I go; it just makes me inconsistent — the membership is online. The platform also has an app so that you can use it on your phone, on a tablet, or even cast it to the TV in a hotel room. It also gives you the reassurance that the practice will be what you want and need and doesn’t require an Uber and a scheduling nightmare or the unknown of a new studio.

Roadblock: I want to progress in my practice but have trouble staying motivated — the membership includes a community. The Facebook group is there for you to connect with others who have similar goals. We have a Live Members Only class once a month as well as an informal chat time via a Zoom call. It’s not a pressure but a support network. The membership also has a variety of flows so that you can practice how you need and want each day. There are also meditations and yoga tips for days when a flow is not the best fit.

**Also – the video above includes a tour of the Yoga with TG Membership so that you can really see if it would be a good fit to help you with your yoga journey and self-care needs.

Ready to learn more? Jump into the membership here or by clicking on the picture below.

I help busy career and family-focused individuals feel stronger by putting themselves back on their priority list and into their schedules. I value community and safe yoga, laid-back and heart-forward practices. 500 E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance with over 500 hours of accredited training and 2,500 hours of leading yoga and meditation for my community. Online Yoga Concierge, Owner: You, Yourself, and Yoga in, Kirksville, MO

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