About Me

Hi! I'm -

Tarasa Gardner

I am your Yoga Concierge. I serve:

  • those who no longer find a fit in their previous “exercise” activities, routines, or classes but still want to be active, sweat, and feel good in their bodies.
  • those who crave a workout that helps them feel great and strong but also that helps them feel connected to a community that improves their mind as well as their body.
  • those who feel stiff, inflexible, and who might even be a bit cynical but know they need to do something.
  • those who are “normal” people, just like you.


What people say about TG Yoga
  • “I haven’t taken a pain killer since I started, and I used to take them daily.”

    TG Yoga
  • “Loved the 14-Day Challenge! What a difference it has made in just a short time!”

    TG Yoga