Yoga @ Home: Unlocking the Keys

Yoga at home IS different than in-studio classes.

BUT what if it wasn’t a bad thing that your home practice wasn’t the same as the experience you have when you go to the studio? What if your home practice was nourishing in different ways?

Discover the benefits of a home practice.
Then, maximize those benefits; lean into those benefits.

I am so excited to offer you FREE Five-Day Mindset & Manifestation Course to help you create, step-by-step, an in-home yoga space that is ideal for you. Immediately after signing up you will receive a downloadable workbook and then each day for five days, the emails will contain video content and other helpful information and tools to help you overcome the perceived obstacles of practicing at home and manifest a yoga space that helps you meet yourself your mat.

Each day will address a common “roadblock”:
Day One — The Right Space
Day Two – “It’s just not the Same”
Day Three – Logistics/Scheduling
Day Four – Accountability
Day Five – Resources

I hope you will join me and have fun manifesting and creating your ideal space over the next five days and beyond. All spaces in our home evolve over time, and your yoga space will be no different. 

You deserve to feel better at home and meet yourself on your mat at home, just as you deserve to feel better and meet yourself on the mat in studio.

Let’s get started.