Ready, Set, Yogi: Getting Started with Yoga

You deserve to feel better. You deserve to carve out an hour a day or week to focus on feeling better. However, jumping straight into public classes can feel very intimidating. I have been there!

I started yoga after a serious car accident and couldn’t even do tabletop pose without my arm shaking. I always want my students to start in ways that feel best and in ways that are safe. BUT, start you CAN, and start you SHALL! Here with three options for getting started safely and in a way that feels best for you.

Private Sessions
Virtual or In-Person

Private sessions can be booked for in person or virtually via Zoom, for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Private sessions allow us to tailor your experience, taking into account your goals and any limitations or concerns.

Some students start with private sessions until they feel confident in the foundations or until they are ready for studio classes.

Others enjoy private sessions and continue them — a tailored experience from session to session in style, difficulty, and frequency.

30-minute sessions are $25
60-minute sessions are $40
**for up to 5 people.
**quotes available for larger groups

Comprehensive Online Beginner’s Course

This course has everything you need to start a nourishing and safe yoga practice. It provides hours of content in bite-sized, manageable videos to help you start and build your practice.

Life-time access to videos you can use over and over, including multiple practice flow videos, this course is perfect for someone wanting to start and for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and deepen their practice.

Whether you have started yoga and are enjoying it and wanting to be sure you are practicing safely to wanting to make sure when you step onto your mat each practice it is safely, this course has what you need.

The course also comes with a special offer for the Yoga with TG Membership, the perfect next step.

Streamlined Foundations Course

In three hours, this Beginner’s course is streamlined and content-packed to provide you the foundations of Vinyasa. The course also includes one of my favorite 30-minute flows, perfect for new yogis.

This course is great for those who may have already taken a few yoga classes (recently or in the past) and feel like they will feel more confident in class with a brush up.

This course is great for those who want to flirt with yoga first before making a big commitment. but who also want to be sure they are practicing safely.

Let’s yoga.