Online Beginner’s Course Student

“Trying yoga and attempting to get better with each practice has deeply affected me. I am so glad I decided to take this course and try something I have never done. I feel it has given me the confidence to continue this practice for the rest of my life in some capacity.”
“I can express enough how calm I feel after a session. I can hear my body saying thank you, I needed this!”

Lorri Landon

October 11, 20200
“My first entry into yoga was very tentative – I thought that I was too out of shape, not flexible enough, unsure if it would be something that I could stick with. Tarasa [Yoga with TG} met me where I was at the beginning without judgment and with encouragement, gradually building on that starting place....

Carla Coy Mayer

September 13, 20190
Love Yoga with TG. She is super patient and does an excellent job teaching the yoga poses to a first timer to yoga. Interested in what you want to achieve with yoga. Highly recommend!
“I really enjoy that Yoga With TG is great for people of all levels. Sessions I’ve attended have made me feel welcome and also showcased what I could expect as a more experienced client. Tarasa, as an instructor, is learned. Her teaching is informed through education and reflection. She exudes confidence, compassion, and peace.”
” I love Yoga With TG! Tarasa does a great job of teaching, leading and encouraging. I always leave her classes feeling like my body and mind are fully engaged and 😀 .”
” I love all the classes I’ve taken with Tarasa 💓 She’s a fantastic instructor and her classes are always well thought out and perfectly delivered 👍 She’s more than willing to answer questions or offer advice if you inquire about form, names of poses, or even specifics about yoga practice (for instance I’m currently...
” Taking yoga classes with TG has allowed me to concentrate on myself for a little while amidst the chaos of everyday life. Yoga practice has allowed me to open my mind and body. If you’re looking for a little strength, flexibility, and peace, yoga with TG is where you’ll find it.”
” TG is amazing and kind! She takes time to understand you and is a great instructor! “
“I felt more relaxed and calm in the afternoons/evenings after meditation. This lasted throughout the week of meditation. Helps me validate that this can help me clear my mind.
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