Online MEMBERSHIP and Courses

Yoga with TG: The Membership!

Here is your membership — for the cost of one drop-in class at many studios across the country:

1. A library of flows that grows each month and that you can come back to time and time again for how you are feeling and what you are needing;
2. a LIVE full-length class once a month that you can join in (with others in the membership) and that will also be added to the library of flows after the live session. This is the ONLY place outside of the studio that you can find full-length Yoga with TG classes; 
3. a community of yoga friends who can connect with you and support you in a private members only group;
4. guided meditations to foster and feed your meditation practice; 
5. continued tips and knowledge about keeping your yoga practice safe and how to continue progressing and deepening your practice, and 
6. unlimited access to my 14-Day Flexibility Challenge (both the shortened, focused flow option as well as the full-length flow option for each day).
7. downloadable audio files of flows for those times you need yoga on the go.

0 to Yogi: A Beginner’s Path

A comprehensive online course for those ready to safely start a yoga practice. Learn pose alignment, modifications, variations, tips, and be ready to step into the studio and onto your mat. Hours of videos you can download – pose breakdowns as well as warm up videos and practice flows. All yours!

0 to Zen: 7 Days of Meditation

Get started with a consistent meditation practice by joining my o to Zen: Seven Days of Meditation and Guidance to Get Your Daily Practice Started Course. It has all you need — informative handouts about starting a practice, daily themes with complementary journal prompts, and fully downloadable, daily 20-minute guided meditations with no ads! Click the banner above, or here, to check it out and see a free preview.