yoga at work

Stretch Break at Your Desk

We have all had that moment at our desk — we feel fatigued; our back is starting to...
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January Weekend Yoga Retreat: Goals and Gumption

A new year is approaching, and it’s time to dream, plan, and pursue a great year ahead at...
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New Must Have Yoga Gear

Need some new yoga gear or accessories or know someone who does? Keep in mind, too, that holidays...
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Yoga Flows for Gratitude, Abundance, & Sweat :)

Stretch, smiles, space, and sweat — the perfect combo for this month’s YouTube flows. In case you missed...
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What to Give the Yoga Lover & Yogi in Your Life: Gift Guide

It’s always a good time for a little gift or token of your love, friendship, appreciation. If you...
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2021, not 2022: The Time to Focus on Your Health and Wellness is Now, Not the New Year

The time is now. Don’t wait for 2022 and your next New Year’s Resolutions to once again say...
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New Yoga with TG Flows on YouTube

Many of you already know, but in case you don’t, I upload new, short yoga flows twice a...
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Cloud in the Sky

Compound Interest in Yoga & Wellness

Most of us have heard about the wonders of compound interest and why starting your retirement savings early...
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Tips for Starting Yoga at the Studio

Top 5 Tips for Starting Yoga & Walking into a Yoga Studio for the First Time

The first time we walk in anywhere it can be sooo intimidating, especially when it comes to something physical or fitness related. All of our biggest...
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