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Yoga on Vacation

I was traveling last week and had a jammed packed schedule. We left the hotel each morning between...
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Summer Solstice Challenge — 9 Days to 108 Sun Salutations

A common celebration in the yoga world for the summer solstice is to practice 108 sun salutations. If...
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Benefits to Practicing at the Yoga Studio

As an owner of a brick and mortar studio AND an online and virtual studio, I am frequently...
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All Access Pass: Tour of My Home Yoga Space + My Personal Practice

I often get asked several things about my home yoga practice — How big is your home yoga...
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Sweeping up your Space is My Honor

A dear friend who practices yoga with me mentioned having an image in her mind at the end...
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yoga at work

Stretch Break at Your Desk

We have all had that moment at our desk — we feel fatigued; our back is starting to...
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January Weekend Yoga Retreat: Goals and Gumption

A new year is approaching, and it’s time to dream, plan, and pursue a great year ahead at...
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New Must Have Yoga Gear

Need some new yoga gear or accessories or know someone who does? Keep in mind, too, that holidays...
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Yoga Flows for Gratitude, Abundance, & Sweat :)

Stretch, smiles, space, and sweat — the perfect combo for this month’s YouTube flows. In case you missed...
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