The “not yet” Myth

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I read something that made me stop. It made me feel “called out.” It said — “Whatever you are not changing you are choosing.” 

This is so true, and yet such a natural place to be. I am at fault for doing this to myself. We all are at times. We are our biggest obstacle a majority of the time. 

Our mind is an interesting thing — it is full of ideas but also uses fear to “keep us safe.” We will have an idea to do something, go somewhere, sign up for something, try something new, etc. This is, of course, quickly followed by a multitude of other questions and doubts that all come together in one — Do I have any idea what I am doing? What if it doesn’t work? Is it worth it? What are all the ways it could go wrong? Maybe I should wait; I’m “not yet” ready or there or able. 

I have decided that I don’t have much of an idea what I am doing or what it will become or even what I want it to become, but I also know that I don’t want to define it now by why it isn’t yet.

Maybe read that again. 

I have decided that I don’t have much of an idea what I am doing or what it will become or even what I want it to become, but I also know that I don’t want to define it now by why it isn’t yet.

The simple fact is that five years ago I would have never imagined I would be here, a yoga instructor with a brick and mortar studio AND an online studio. That leads me to never assume where I might be or want to be in the next few years or even 6 months.

It also leads me to believe that forward movement is forward. Even if it is the wrong step or wrong decision, learning that is progress of its own. Not everything is a great idea, and we shouldn’t do everything. But often we talk ourselves out of good ideas or good steps forward because we think we will do it later….that just “not yet.”

When I decided to enroll in my first Yoga Teacher Training, I had no idea if that was a good or terrible idea. I knew that yoga was making me feel better than I had in a long time. BUT I was also still struggling with many of the poses myself. I didn’t know if I ever planned to teach yoga, and that is often the ROI you can expect from a teacher training. Eventually, you teach and make your money back (at least in theory). But when I signed up it was simply because I wanted to learn more about this practice that was helping me heal. And signing up was a serious investment. All the reasons why I shouldn’t sign up came up — I am not far enough yet in my yoga journey; I am not yet at a level needed to sign up; I am not sure I want to teach yoga, so I shouldn’t decide yet, etc., etc., etc. 

How often do we restrain ourselves because of the “not yet” myth. “It’s not ready yet…..I’m not a big enough name yet….I haven’t done ____ yet….I don’t have it all mapped out yet….I don’t know that it will be a good outcome yet …”

Does a magic switch flip when it is the “right time,” when the magical “yet” has arrived? 

I just had to leap at a moment when I knew I REALLY wanted to learn more. I said yes and enrolled before I had a chance to run through all the reasons I shouldn’t. And now, here I am looking back, relieved that I leaped before I believed. 

And think back to some of your biggest accomplishments or achievements. How many of them were you truly ready for when you started? But aren’t you glad that you went for it as you look back now?

It’s a leap for a reason; the result is unknown.

The “not yet” belief is a very handy reason to hold ourselves back.

Now, it doesn’t mean that we might not fail. We could totally fall on our faces.

In my yoga business when I try new things and new offers, I know that I might totally fall on my face (let’s be real, I fell on my face the other day working on a variation of crow pose, so it wouldn’t be something new for me!)

But it’s worth the risk for several reasons; the main one being that I also might not.

I might not fall on my face, which means I will have some success and fun learning something new and sharing this love of yoga with more people. And if I fall, so be it. Sometimes the whole point was the leap, the forward step. 

What’s your “not yet” myth that you have been believing? What have you been putting off?

What’s your leap?
What’s your next forward step?

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be a Badass.

If you think I can help with any of the goals you have, reach out. Let’s chat. 

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