Behind the Scenes of the Yoga with TG Membership

See Behind the Scenes of the Yoga with TG Membership! If it is still Small Business Saturday/Sunday, grab the special THREE WEEKS FREE when you join. No coupon needed; join here. If the deal has expired, you will still receive your first full WEEK FREE, which is still a great deal. 🙂
Energy Workshop

24/7 Yoga + BONUS Energy Workshop

Friends….. I am writing this post between the two session of my one-day, virtual Energy Workshop because I am riding the high of being able to teach and share this information. I am a big believer in energy and the impact it has on us, how we can honor our energy and channel our energy...

Yoga on Vacation

I was traveling last week and had a jammed packed schedule. We left the hotel each morning between 7-8 am and didn’t return until 8 pm or after; it was go, go, go. It was awesome, but it also makes it harder to fit in yoga and self-care. One, the scheduling is hard. Two, the...
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