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Tips for Starting Yoga at the Studio

Top 5 Tips for Starting Yoga & Walking into a Yoga Studio for the First Time

The first time we walk in anywhere it can be sooo intimidating, especially when it comes to something physical or fitness related. All of our biggest insecurities and doubts seem to bubble up when it comes to exercise or thinking about public classes at a studio or a gym. How can we feel more confident that first day? Let’s figure that out today.   So you’re...

Bolsters, Blocks, and Blankets – Oh My! Yoga Props: Explained

Walking into a yoga studio can be an overwhelming experience. It is a new space with new people, and potentially a new practice. Often, there are also props in the studio, and you might find those around you grabbing props and not be sure if you want/need them as well. I have attended classes where...

Yoga alignment — Halfway Lift Pose

Halfway lift is part of the sun salutation, so understanding proper alignment is important for your practice because we do a lot of sun salutations in Vinyasa. 🙂 If you practice in a studio with mirrors, it might be helpful to position yourself close to the mirror so that you can check your alignment (even...
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