Bolsters, Blocks, and Blankets – Oh My! Yoga Props: Explained

Walking into a yoga studio can be an overwhelming experience. It is a new space with new people, and potentially a new practice. Often, there are also props in the studio, and you might find those around you grabbing props and not be sure if you want/need them as well.

I have attended classes where everyone always grabbed all the props as part of the “norm.” I have attended classes where there were no props. Most commonly, the instructor will announce if there is a prop or multiple props that they think everyone will need.

My overall tips are:

1. Follow the lead in the first class: if everyone else is getting all of the props, go for it. That way you have them.

2. You also can always get a prop that you know you want even if no one else does.

Use this video to get a sense for what the props are and how they are used. If you know they are something you want, grab them. If you need more input on their uses or have questions about how to use them in certain poses, ask your instructor for assistance.

Want to have props for your practice at home? Here are links to my favorite kinds of each:
Knee Pads

Also, if you are new to the practice and want more information about practicing safely, grab my free download of tips on starting and maintaining a safe practice. You can also get on my waiting list for my online 0 to Yogi Beginner’s Course by emailing me your interest. I want everyone to feel safe and confident in pursuing their practice.

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