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Tips for Starting Yoga at the Studio

Top 5 Tips for Starting Yoga & Walking into a Yoga Studio for the First Time

The first time we walk in anywhere it can be sooo intimidating, especially when it comes to something physical or fitness related. All of our biggest insecurities and doubts seem to bubble up when it comes to exercise or thinking about public classes at a studio or a gym. How can we feel more confident that first day? Let’s figure that out today.   So you’re...

YouTube Shorts: Yoga Tips by TG

So, yes, I am on YouTube and have been for a couple of years. It started out as a request from a few friends and family who are so sweet and said they wished they could yoga with me even though they don’t live where I teach. Now, I have a ton of short flow...

Yoga in the Park

Curious about yoga outside/in the park? Wanting to try it out? Here are a few tips before heading out. Also be sure to check out my Facebook page for my yoga in the park dates and to let me know you are coming.