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I am writing this post between the two session of my one-day, virtual Energy Workshop because I am riding the high of being able to teach and share this information. I am a big believer in energy and the impact it has on us, how we can honor our energy and channel our energy and protect our energy.

In the first two-hour session we discussed the seven energy centers, how we can begin to tune into those chakras and what they are needing, and the way in which our lives and people around us can impact those chakras. Knowing how it feels when each energy center is balanced and how it feels when it is deficient or in excess is key to addressing energy concerns.

Then, we enjoyed a Vinyasa flow designed to align and balance all seven chakras, integrating mantras for each mantra as we flowed and practiced poses designed to target each energy center.

This evening in the second two-hour session we will come back together and focus on creating pro-active plans with this energy information. What can we avoid? What can we do when impacted by events or people or things we cannot control? We shifts do we need to make in different seasons of our life?

We will also discuss mindset vs. energy. Our brain wants to be efficient and tends to resist change and tell us it is too hard or not worth it or responds with fear of the unknown. What is our energy telling us?

Then, the finish is a restorative practice and meditation.
I am already excited, and it’s a few hours away yet.

So, while I wait, I wanted to tell you that it’s not too late to enjoy the Energy Workshop, and it’s maybe not too late to enjoy it for FREE.

If you join the Yoga with TG Membership in October, I will include the Energy Workshop replay as a free BONUS. The replays will come to your inbox after your seven-day, risk free trial.

The membership allows you to transform you practice and your life with yoga and meditation of all styles and lengths on your schedule. 24/7 yoga at your fingertips in the app. Join us here!

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