setting goals

Making Goals + Making Malas = Making Realities not just Resolutions

Grab the Free Goal Workbook to build your New Year Success Plan Here. Grab your own Mala Kit using the discount code TGYOGA15 Here. Let me know what you think, what your experience is. I would love to hear from you.

Goals: They are about Becoming a Person Who Could

We need to set stretch goals to keep ourselves always striving and growing. Often I hear goals being discussed as whether or not they were met and nothing more. That misses a key component to the point of goal setting. While achieving the goals is what we work toward, the end result is not the...

One Year, 350 Hours, and 5 States: Why We All Need Goals

One Year, 350 hours, and 5 states: Why We All Need Goals This week marks one year of teaching yoga at the studio I joined with after completing my YTT. When I think back to that first week’s class and how nervous I was, I can really see and feel the evolution. It’s not surprising,...