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A common question I field in my Beginner’s Workshops is how often to practice yoga. While there is no standard recommendation, here’s my take. Hope to have you join me for class soon! Further, if you are just starting a yoga practice, it’s important that you feel safe in doing so. I put together a...
If you read my blog post about reclaiming the sigh, you might enjoy this vlog as well — never hurts to have a reminder! 🙂 Sigh away, friends.
Rounding the shoulders and slouching over a computer is something most of us do throughout the day. Open the chest, open the shoulders, and improve that posture with a quick and easy stretch — shoulder flossing.
Working on our computers and phones all day can really take a toll on our forearms and wrists. Here are a few quick and effective stretches for you — and don’t forget to meet me in the studio for a full class and stretch.