One of the guiding principles of yoga is to practice non-attachment. It is a very difficult idea to practice with grace, being comfortable knowing that everything comes and goes and isn’t ours to hold forever. From relationships to material things, from loved ones to belief structures — everything is transient. Letting go is not always easy; in fact, it is rarely easy.

BUT it is normal and healthy for change, for the release of ideas or hopes or things. It is sometimes scary and yet can be exciting as well. It can be sad and invigorating. It can be hard and the right decision.

In my capacity as a yoga instructor, I am facing a moment of change, a time to practice non-attachment.

It’s time for me to release a studio space in which I have been leading practices.

For over a year it has been an amazing blessing to teach in this space, to lead classes of beautiful yogis. The energy in the room during practice is incredible and has filled me week after week. I have come to the studio tired and left reenergized. I have come to the studio full and left overflowing. I remember the first time I put my mat at the front of the room instead of somewhere in the middle, the first time I was leading instead of taking a class. It felt surreal. It was a change, and it, too, was unnerving, and I was unsure.

It feels surreal, unnerving, and unsure, again, to know that it is time for my mat to not be at the front of that studio space. It is different. I am different. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to teach in this space and for every yogi who shared a practice with me.

It’s scary to leap out into the unknown, and yet it is exciting. I have ideas and can see that this change is what I need for where I am and where I am headed. And yet…I am sad. I am sad thinking of the classes I am leaving, of the space I have shared with my community, of the energy that helped me and accepted me and was safe for me as both a yoga student and teacher.

I know that it is releasing me as I am releasing it. I know that a new space is calling me, a space that will become a sacred space and a safe space for people to come and meet themselves on their mats. I am anxious yet excited to begin that process. I think the space that I am leaving prepared me to create that space elsewhere.

To follow the next step in my yoga journey, be sure to follow me “Yoga with TG” on Facebook and Instagram. I will be posting my new public class schedule as well as pictures of the new space as I prepare and anticipate the classes and experiences I will have to share.

I am letting go while at the same time reaching out.

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