How my friends from the Girl Scouts changed my week


When I was asked to lead yoga for a group of scouting girls I was beyond excited. I love teaching kid yoga and introducing the idea of a yoga practice to young people. I know the power it can have to change their lives and help them navigate this complicated and not always nice world.

The day came.

The girls arrived.

The class was amazing.

No, the class was beyond amazing, beyond words. It is always hard to express in words what an experience is like, what the energy was.

They were so joyful and interested and open to the experience and to me. I left feeling more than just the yoga magic but the magic of yoga in community and spending time immersed in good energy with hope-filled young women.

A few days later I went to my daughter’s school, and as I walked in a young girl came running over, throwing her arms around me. She said nothing, but gave me a big smile. She was from the class. As she ran back to her friends, suddenly another  from the class was approaching and hugging me. They said nothing to me, but their smiles and hugs were so expressive about what we shared and its lasting impact that I teared up instantly.

The power of yoga.

The power of love.

The power of being open.

The power of strong women and girls.

That same night I taught my regular classes at the gym. A few minutes into the first class a pair of young ladies came in and found a spot. (P.S. I love when yoga students immediately adjust their mats to make room for more to join our class, that power of community.) After class the girls were leaving and saw me. One was from the friends of the Girl Scouts class, and she had brought another friend. I was thrilled. Not only had she sought out class with me but had shared yoga with a friend. I hope they both return and bring more friends. I hope that yoga continues to spread within the community.

Introducing yoga to others, this practice that has changed my life so powerfully, is why I became a yoga instructor. To see others developing a practice or finding a connection through yoga so tangibly this week was the highlight of my month.

Yoga is a personal practice. Yoga is also a community.

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