“0 to Zen: 7 Days of Meditation and Guidance to get Your Meditation Practice Started” — NOW AVAILABLE

It was probably six months after I started meditating more regularly that my family was driving somewhere and my husband “complimented me” by saying that he thought meditating was really good for me. He said that I was “lighter” and “laughed more easily.”

I joked with him that he was essentially telling me that I was easier to live with now that I had been meditating regularly. And while I put “complimented” in quotations above somewhat jokingly, it really is a compliment. It’s complimenting me on taking care of myself, for prioritizing myself and what will help me feel better.

And it was true. I feel lighter when I meditate regularly. I am able to take things more in stride and not “sweat the small stuff” as they say. I feel calmer and clearer and more within myself. It’s as if during the day, all the responsibilities and people and activities pull pieces of me further and further away from center and out in all different directions. Meditating pulls everything back in, puts it back together so that I feel more myself.

There are lots of great apps and podcasts out there with meditations. You can definitely find someone you enjoy. The only problem I find is that often there are ads that interrupt the meditation or come before it, or the apps only give you access to certain meditations that are generally pretty short, and you can’t often download and keep a meditation you like to come back to it.

So, if you are interested, I have created a seven-day meditation course. The meditations are downloadable, so you have them forever, and completely ad-free. It’s all zen. The course also includes journaling/thinking prompts for each meditation’s theme as well as some additional information regarding meditation and getting started with a practice.

There’s a free preview, with no commitment, just to look around a little bit.

Even if you don’t join me, I do hope you try meditation if you are interested. You can simply sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed and focus solely on your breath. Easy as that. Give yourself grace as you start; we all get distracted. Keep doing it, and watch and reap the cumulative effects of daily meditation.

Come back and let me know how it is going, what questions you have, how I can help. I have this online course, but I also host work-week meditation series three or four times a year, and I offer private/customized meditation sessions as well.

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I help busy career and family-focused individuals feel stronger by putting themselves back on their priority list and into their schedules. I value community and safe yoga, laid-back and heart-forward practices. 500 E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance with over 500 hours of accredited training and 2,500 hours of leading yoga and meditation for my community. Online Yoga Concierge, Owner: You, Yourself, and Yoga in, Kirksville, MO

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