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With the growing need to practice social distancing and limit time in public, especially time in groups, I have ceased my in-person studio classes for at least a few weeks. However, I still wanted to provide yoga opportunities and will be holding class virtually via Zoom instead.

It is my hope that you will join in and continue participating in a yoga community. We can still yoga together without being in the same space. Contact friends and plan to join the same class and yoga together. Don’t feel isolated.

Here are a few tips for joining Yoga with TG online via Zoom. If you want this in file format, email me.

For the best experience, you’ll want to join from a device with a video camera and microphone, so that we can both see and hear you (like a laptop, iPad, or smartphone). 

We will use Zoom as our platform because it works well with all of the above devices. I recommend heading over to and creating a free account; download and install the mobile app for your device or the desktop client for your computer. Then, you can sign in from your device, test your audio and video, and you should be all set to join.  

You can pay via Venmo (preferred) or Paypal. My Venmo is @yogawithtg, and my Paypal is 

Make sure I have your email and that I know which class you are wanting, so I can send you the link to the class. Then, make sure to check your email and/or Facebook message (depending on how you contacted me) for the link. Follow the meeting link, and it will open in your Zoom app or in your browser.  

When you arrive in the room, you can mute your microphone (the mic icon will have a slash through it when muted), which will help keep the space from becoming an echo chamber. You can unmute if you want to share/speak/ask a question, especially before and after class. Have fun with others who are in the class as well. 

A broadband internet connection is highly recommended, since video takes a lot of bandwidth. If your connection gets sketchy during class, try turning off your own video camera, so that you can still see me but we just won’t see you. That can help lessen the load on your bandwidth.  

Take a few minutes to log in and have time to get situated. I will have the room open for you to join even if I am not in there yet.  

Within Zoom, you have the option to change what you see on your screen. You can choose between the “Gallery” view, where you see small windows of everyone who is attending and “Speaker” view where you only see the person currently talking in a large window. Speaker is probably preferred for the actual class, but feel free to use Gallery and chat with each other prior to and after class.  

I may record the actual class flow, but the recording will only record the Speaker view. If you unmute and speak, it will record you in the Speaker view. Additionally, keep in mind that during the class I will not be able to see the chat. You are welcome to use it, but I will not see it until after.  

Join me. I also hope you will share this post as well as my Facebook posts and events with your friends. In the virtual classroom there is room for everyone!

Let me know what questions you have. And if you love virtual classes and want more options at your own times, be thinking about my online monthly membership as well. It allows you zen 24/7 with short flows and full-length flows that you can repeat and that continue to be added each and every month for only $24.99/month. For more info, click the link here or the picture below.

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