108 Sun Salutations — Create Your Own Adventure Style

Committing to completing 108 of anything is a big commitment. Committing to doing 12 of something each day for nine days is still challenging but doable, and the end result is the same: a sense of achievement and a beautiful way to welcome a new season.

Instead of all at once, this year I hope you will join me for:
9 Days
x 12 Sun Salutations each day
108 total, finishing the final round of 12 on the summer solstice.
For just $18/person, $2 a workout 🙂

Sun Salutations are a great workout on their own, and those who join my Summer Solstice Challenge will realize that over each of the 9 days. BUT that doesn’t mean we have to approach this challenge with a one-size and one-look approach to the sun salutations. Each one can be different; each day can include different variations. For those who sign up, I have provided in the private Facebook group and via email several videos demonstrating options for approaching the sun salutations. You might mix and match each day to complete your 12.

When you complete your 12 salutations each day is also up to you. You could complete them first thing in the morning — each day’s flow will be available in the Facebook group and in your email at 5:30 am Central time. You could complete them over lunch or in the evening or even throughout the day, four now, four later, etc.

If you want the experience of completing 108 sun salutations on the summer solstice, you can also choose that adventure. The videos will be made to stack together. The first day will include a warm up and then the first 12 sun salutations. Days two – eight will include just the salutations, and the last day will include the savasana. You can go straight through the videos one at a time on summer solstice and have one practice. You also could choose to repeat day one’s video each day to include a warm-up.

On summer solstice you can finish LIVE via the private Facebook group or via a provided Zoom link. OR you can finish with the video later.

There are so many options.
It’s your adventure. It’s your practice. It’s your celebration.

For more information and to get started, check out the enrollment page. You can also contact me with any questions or to get started.

Also, if you missed my previous post about the significance of 108 and why the sun salutations, feel free to check out that post as well.

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