Sound Bath and Sound Massage

It may sound like I am deviating from talking about yoga, but I am not. The use of sound waves is a great way to relax and come into a meditative state.

I experienced my first live sound bath a few years ago in Colorado, and I remember feeling so amazing after and telling all of my friends and family that if they had the chance to experience a live sound bath they HAD to take it. In New York City I took a class that was a sound bath in a meditation pod with really great acoustics and speaker system. It was great took, but it wasn’t quite as powerful as the live experience.

As you can hear about in the video, sound baths use gongs, singing bowls, chimes and even drums to produce different sound waves that wash over you while you are in supported savasana.

This month I also experienced my first sound massage, which also uses the sound waves to help relax. It adds the element of placing the singing bowls not just around you but also on the body, sending the waves deeper into the body. This was a great addition and something I found very relaxing.

I think sound baths and sound massage can be a great exercise for those who practice meditation and for those who feel they struggle with meditation. I find it easier to stay present with the sound not only as something I can hear but also something I can feel.

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