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Malas are often gifts for yogis, and I frequently recommend them, as well. Malas are made from stones that can help channel certain energy and can be used during meditation and worn as jewelry. This year, I became acquainted with the MeraKalpa company that sells Mala Kits so that you can select the mala theme and stones, but your loved one (or maybe yourself) gets to enjoy the process of making the mala themselves.

The act of crafting your own mala is a beautiful process itself, and don’t worry — the company provides video tutorials. They have mala kids for Empowerment, Truth and Expression, Inner Wisdom, Balance and Grounding, Calm and Peace, Intuition and Vision, Joy and Abundance, and more.

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Deep Tissue/Fascia Massager

I do a lot of yoga and have some prior, chronic issues with my back and shoulders. Getting a monthly massage is part of my self-care routine, but I often need something to help loosen muscles and tight areas between my sessions.

This percussion massager was given to me by my kids for my birthday, and it does a surprisingly great job at helping loosen tight spots. It comes with several different types of attachments for different areas of the body, and my kids even think it is fun to use and will “give me a massage” with it fairly regularly.

UVC phone cleaner

A great gift for someone who loves gadgets and safety. Our cell phones are with us at all times and can get dirty; keeping them clean is even more important now. Show your loved ones you care with a UVC cleaner that can clean more than just their phone (i.e. keys, pens, etc.)

Portable with a USB plug, this model also incorporates an aromatherapy option while safely sterilizes high touch items. UVC light can quickly kill disinfect and get into crevices that wipes cannot and will not jeopardize the functionality of the phone.

Online Yoga Membership

Of course, I always think yoga is a great gift!!! Finding time on the mat is important, and finding ways to practice at home is vital. As your online Yoga Concierge, I save you time and money and provide yoga your loved one (or you) needs each day.

I work to provide members of my online membership with yoga and meditations to meet every time of day and schedule. There are new flows added each month, and the platform contains short flows and full flows, Yoga Sculpt flows, flows for headaches and tough days, yoga tips, downloadable audio files of flows, and more. Each month members are invited to a LIVE virtual class via Zoom for members only and can participate in a Facebook group just for Members.

All of these benefits are available for less than $1/day at $24.99/month. If you have questions about joining or gifting this to someone else, feel free to email me. Learn more about the membership HERE. Go straight to the purchase page HERE.


These are both useful and fashionable. I always have a hair tie in my hair or around my wrist (or sometimes both), and with these, it’s a great mantra reminder on the wrist.

The colors and mantras are always changing in her shop with each season. Check out what she has in stock now.

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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals are often something that people love but won’t get for themselves. I also recently came across a journal called the 6 Minute Journal. It breaks the day into two parts — a morning routine and an evening routine as a way to start your day right and finish it as well.

It also has a weekly and monthly check-in and habit tracker. For those who are wanting to cultivate more gratitude and brighter outlook, this could be a great self-care gift.

Online Yoga Course for Beginner’s

If someone in your life (maybe even you) is ready to start a yoga practice, make sure they start safely. Jumping on to YouTube isn’t a good idea without the proper foundation and understanding of yoga and alignment and your body. You want to feel better, not hurt. With my course you will start right and start feeling the difference right away.

It’s all online, with whatever support you need. Start when you want, and enjoy the videos and practice flows over and over again with your lifetime access. See the full details here. Plus, enjoy 25% off with this link as my gift to you. 🙂

Chakra Tree

When I opened my yoga studio, my dear friend sent me a Chakra tree for the space. It is amazing, and I think of her every time I walk in my studio. It’s a great size (around 12 inches) and can be opened and spread out, gently, into a beautiful shape.

The Chakra tree is made with seven Crystal stones: Lapis, Amethyst, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, and red Carnelian.

It’s a wonderful visual reminder that has meant a lot to me, so I highly recommend it for the yoga lover in your life.

Maybe you are ready to join the yoga practice yourself. I am excited to start with you right away. Jump into my Free 14-Day Flexibility Challenge and start your yoga journey or work toward a more consistent practice. Click the image below to get started.

Flexibility Challenge
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