Like Attracts Like

Some days it feels like “one thing leads to another,” and you “just can’t catch a break.” Other days seem to just get better and better.

Granted, some times this is simply a fact of life. Bad things are going to happen. Good things are going to happen. BUT that doesn’t mean we have no impact on our circumstances, either. Therefore, it’s important we use our power in ways we WANT and not in ways we don’t.

Like attracts like. Simple as that.

Think about someone you know who is quick to laugh and lift others up and do good work in the world. How do you feel around them? What do you tend to do? You tend to also laugh and feel lifted and go on to lift others up and do good work in the world.

Think about someone you know who tends to complain a lot about their work or life, etc. What happens when you are around them? You tend to feel more negative and complain as well.

We are impacted by our surroundings and our choices. Like attracts like.

It’s similar when it comes to our wellness goals. If we yoga today, it’s easier to yoga tomorrow. If we talk about yoga and its importance to our life, it becomes more important and more valued.

If we miss a practice and view it negatively and then how often does that negative thinking carry in to the next day and the next practice?

For better or worse, like attracts like. Surround yourself, as much as possible, with those who help you feel better; who challenge you and uplift you; who encourage and motivate and support you.

Be that for yourself as well. Work on your self-talk to attract more positive thinking. Try to catch yourself as you fall into negative self-talk (easier said than done, I know all too well!) We are all a work in progress. We all have days and moments and sometimes weeks or months. It’s ok.

Being attracting what you want by exhibiting what you want. Love like you want to love. Yoga like you want to yoga. Be like you want to be.

And when you need a reminder and a nudge and an encouragement, come find me. I got you.

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