The Chakras: Crown

The crown chakra is the thought element. It is the universal identity and is about self-knowledge.  

This final chakra is putting everything together, finding understanding. It is also the only chakra that is not in the body; it is located just above you, just above the crown of the head. It’s associated with a violet energy; however, sometimes it is also associated with a white energy in relation to the pureness of thought and all colors together. It’s really a personal preference on which color you would like to associate with your crown.  

The crown is the operating system – activity is to derive meaning, moving from Who am I to What does it all mean, and how do I contribute? The crown is able to recalibrate and upgrade as we need.  
When the crown is deficient, we may find excess in some of the lower chakras as an attempt to compensate. We may feel rigid in our beliefs or generally apathetic.  

In excess, we lose connection to ourselves, to the body and become overly obsessed with spirituality or overthinking and analyzing. We take things too far or deep and lose the clarity of the big picture.  

When it’s balanced we can analyze and be thoughtful. We are both spiritually connected but also able to question and have broad understanding. Aware and open-minded, naturally seeking more information but grounded to ourselves as well, how we fit into the bigger picture. 

Sometimes you will hear the crown chakra discussed as a blooming lotus. To bloom, it must have a strong stem and roots all the way down to the earth, which is the other six chakras. We balance all seven of our chakras to have that strong lotus and the energy moving up and down freely.  

Meditation is a great way to tap into, open, and balance the crown chakra.  

Affirmations to help us open and balance our crown chakra:  
I am open to new ideas 
I am an individual and a part of a bigger picture 
I embrace my role in the universe 
I am light.  

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