The Chakras: Third Eye


The third eye chakra is the light element. It connects to an archetypal identity and is about self-reflection. It’s a purple energy and is located up and between the eyes. If you close your eyes, and look inward and up, that is toward the third eye.  

The last two chakras (chakra 6 and 7, the third eye and the crown) are mental mirrors of the lower chakras. Here we begin to see the big picture and find deeper meaning.  

While our eyes see the world around us; our third eye is accurate and not false illusion. The insight directs action. It means “to perceive” and “to command.” The third eye can see much more than just physical layers. It is an inner perception.  

When the third eye is deficient, we may be insensitive (to others and to ourselves), have poor memory and difficulty imagining the future. We are out of sync with ourselves, and we may not recall our dreams. In excess, the third eye can lead to nightmares and obsessions and even difficulty concentrating and focusing.  

When we are balanced we are intuitive and able to trust and be guided by that intuition. We have good dream recall and a good memory and are ready to imagine.  

Affirmations to help us open and balance our throat chakra:  
I see clearly.  
I am trust my wisdom. 
My intuition is my guide.  

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