What to Give the Yoga Lover & Yogi in Your Life: Gift Guide

It’s always a good time for a little gift or token of your love, friendship, appreciation. If you have someone in your life who loves yoga, this is a great place to look for some awesome gift ideas. If you are the yoga lover and want to know what is out there that you want to put on your wish list, this is a great place to be as well.

Chakra Tassle/Decoration

chakra tassle

I received this as a gift and have it hanging in my car to help reduce my anxiety. It is beautiful and can be hung up or can be held. Each stone is wrapped but is also easily held to connect to that chakra. I have used it several times with a breath meditation to ground or re-center before a drive or after. It is beautiful but also very useful, and I love gifts like that.

It is also very affordable and makes a great gift for a friend.

Grab one here.

Mala kit

Malas are often gifts for yogis, and I frequently recommend them, as well. Malas are made from stones or crystals that can help channel certain energy and can be used during meditation and worn as jewelry.

In 2020, I became acquainted with the MeraKalpa company that sells Mala Kits so that you can select the mala theme and stones, but your loved one (or maybe yourself) gets to enjoy the process of making the mala themselves

I made the mala you see pictured and made the process a true practice. I set aside a block of time, had a candle going and meditative, soothing music. I selected my mantra for the year, and with each bead, as I added it to the strand, I took a full breath and repeated my mantra. It was a wonderful experience, and I am actually wearing this mala right now as I work on this gift guide. I just had to recommend this again.

This is a wonderful personal practice/experience, but it could also be done together with a friend or loved one as a special event or date or even weekend getaway.

And don’t worry — the company provides video tutorials. They have mala kids for Empowerment, Truth and Expression, Inner Wisdom, Balance and Grounding, Calm and Peace, Intuition and Vision, Joy and Abundance, and more.

**Save 15% off your order with my code: TGYOGA15

Fun, New Yoga Gear

Grab some new Yoga with TG branded yoga gear! Water bottles, yoga mats, and bags to bring to the studio and travel and practice in style.

Meditation Cushion

Your loved one practice meditation or considering adding meditation to their practice? Or are you ready to add or elevate your meditation practice and looking for the right cushion. I use and highly recommend this meditation cushion by Reehut.

It is filled with Buckwheat and allows you to settle in but doesn’t become misshapen like a pillow might. It is comfortable and yet firm and gives me just the right amount of support to keep a tall spine.

Added tip – I put a pillow under my crossed legs when I sit to keep my ankles as comfortable as possible as well.

My Favorite Planner by Moleskine

Make sure your friend, loved one, or yourself plans their self-care and puts it into their schedule. I am still a paper planner person. I know all the convenience of electronic calendars, but I simply want and need a printed calendar. I want to be able to look at a month and go into the weekly view and see what I am doing and where I am headed.

I have used a lot of planners over the years, but this Moleskine one is my favorite. Actually, my husband (who keeps his calendar on his phone, oddly) is who found this planner, and I already have mine for 2022.

It has a monthly view, but what I love most about its design is how it designed the weekly view. The week is on the left side of the page, with room to write in appointments. The right side of the page is an entirely lined page for notes or To Do lists, etc. It makes it a real all-in-one yet streamlined product. I have my calendar but can also bring just this planner to a meeting and keep my To Do list on the right-hand side of the page.

This makes it easy to go back and review as well. The calendar and schedule and notes can all be right there. I am a huge list maker, so I love the space to keep my To Do list while also seeing my plan for the week. I can’t praise this planner enough.

My BEST Purchase of the Last Year

I love coffee and look forward to having my morning cup every single day. When I have early morning clients, they know I will be coffee in hand. Mid-morning clients see my water bottle. 🙂 However, this year my Keurig started to show signs of aging and that it might be needing to retire. I had to act.

While I was happy with my regular, black coffee each day, as I was looking into a replacement, I saw this version and imagined making an occasional latte with almond milk for myself in less than three minutes, and I knew I had to have it.

It was the best purchase of the entire last year. I use it daily and am frequently making a one or two shot latte to start the day. It is amazing, and I cannot recommend this Keurig enough for those who love their morning cup of joe before their yoga practice or start of the day.

A Comprehensive Yoga Course

Online Beginner's Course

Are you, or your friend or loved one, wanting to feel more confident in their practice and deepen their practice in a safe way. OR are they just starting to fall in love with yoga and would benefit from knowing that they are practicing safely?

I offer an online, move at your own pace, comprehensive yoga course. It breaks down poses and foundations of yoga to help you feel confident on your mat and in the studio. It also includes practice flows to build familiarity and gives you (or your loved one) everything needed for a safe and nourishing practice. It includes lifetime access to the course and access to me for questions or problem poses.

Because I want to help everyone yoga who wants to, here is a code for 25% off.

Wanting to start yoga or move into a studio practice but worried about how to begin and stay safe? Grab my free pdf of my tips, as a 500 E-RYT, to how to start and stay safe in your yoga practice. It’s free — my gift to you 🙂 Grab it here or by clicking the image below.

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