My New Yoga Credential!

Big news, friends, and even bigger THANK YOU to all everyone who supports me in this adventure by watching my videos on YouTube or reading my blog or taking my classes and workshops.

ONE THOUSAND hours of yoga (and counting) is, as my son says, “A LOT of Yoga.” Let me know where you would like me to take my next 1,000 hours of classes and workshops and events. Can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Also, don’t forget to grab your free guided meditation. Sleep better tonight! Unwind after your day with a yoga nidra practice. You won’t regret it. Grab it by clicking on the picture below.

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I help busy career and family-focused individuals feel stronger by putting themselves back on their priority list and into their schedules. I value community and safe yoga, laid-back and heart-forward practices. 500 E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance with over 500 hours of accredited training and 2,500 hours of leading yoga and meditation for my community. Online Yoga Concierge, Owner: You, Yourself, and Yoga in, Kirksville, MO

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