Yogi Gift Guide: Give the Gift that Gets the How-Did-You-Know Smile

Gifting just the right thing can be a difficult task, no matter the occasion or reason. As a yoga-obsessed person, myself, I thought I would put together a list of options that offer you a range of prices and styles, depending on you and your yogi loved one. I love all of these and vouch for them.

Enjoy looking through the list, and I hope you either find the right thing or are inspired and led in the right direction. In the end, I really do believe that it’s the thought that counts, so don’t stress too much. Go with what feels right, and they will love you for it.

First, I, of course, think that gifting a Yoga with TG Membership is the best gift of all. It shows that you understand the value of yoga in their life and want them to have more access to it. The membership allows your yogi to practice whenever is best for them and to “take” whichever class they are desiring on that day. You can’t beat the gift of Zen 24/7!

The membership also includes meditations and yoga tips and a LIVE class each month. Depending on where you live, the monthly cost is the same or less than one drop-in class at a studio at $24.99/month. Your loved one (or you, if you purchase ahead of time) can enjoy the free seven-day trial and cancel any time.

Additionally, there are some great gifts that can accent an in-home yoga space or bring more zen to your home.

Diffusers and essential oils are a go-to gift for someone who enjoys yoga and meditation. It can bring the atmosphere of the studio to their home and is especially great if you know they practice at home. If you think they might have a diffuser, or know that they do, replenishing their oil supply is a great gift!

There are a lot of options and levels of the quality of oils you are purchasing. If they are simply for the use in a diffuser, the quality is less important (in my opinion). However, if you think your loved one might use the oils on their body in some fashion, go for the therapeutic grade oils.

Smudge Sticks are a great gift idea for a Yogi, especially if they have recently moved or have experienced a change in their lives, or if it is the start of a new year/end of a year, and they might want to clear their home. This set is beautiful as well as meaningful; help your favorite yogi clear the energy of their space.

undefined I love pillows that aren’t just pretty but also convey something that is important to me or that represent something I find beautiful. This pillow case (will also need to get an insert, as this link is just to the case) is a great example of that and something that could be great for someone who loves yoga and would love a reminder in their decor.

undefined Some people (at least I hope I am not the only one) still enjoy print magazines and books. A Yoga Journal magazine subscription might be a great way to give the yogi in your life a reminder each month (or 10 months with this magazine) how much you care about them.

If your yogi prefers to read on their device, a gift of an Unlimited Kindle Membership could be a way to gift them access to all the reading they could want.

Many studios use Mexican blankets for support in poses or for warmth in savasana. Get your yogi a blanket to use at home, whether they use it for their home yoga practice or to bring a sense of that yoga energy to the couch. 🙂

Is your yogi a coffee lover like me? Maybe a fun new coffee toy or tool is in order. I just recently treated myself to this single serve palm press (think french press process but for one cup at a time) since I am the only coffee lover in my house. I use my Keurig during the week, but it’s a treat when I can slow down and make a second cup of coffee with my palm press. Fun to try out different blends. This one is from Grove Collaborative, a service I use and love. With my link you can get a free 5-piece Mrs. Meyer’s set with your order. They have other fun and unique gifts you might find as well.

Yoga mats are often a personal purchase, but if you have heard your yogi talking about a specific mat, that could be a great purchase — a mat that is more than they would spend on themselves or more than they think they should spend on it. If you have heard them discussing things like “Manduka” or “Jade” and weren’t sure what that meant — they are popular mat brands. I have mats discussed and recommended on a previous post, and I recommend you check it out if you are wanting to buy your yogi a mat. You could also use the blog post information to “hunt” for whether or not your loved one would be interested. 🙂

I also have an online yoga course for beginners: 0 to Yogi. It breaks down common poses, explains the poses and modifications, variations, and tips for progressing in your practice. This makes a great gift for someone who is just starting out in yoga but who wants to feel confident and stay safe. From breath to Sun Salutations and Warrior III, the course provides hours of downloadable instruction videos.

Plus, use this link to save 25%. 🙂

If all else fails, Amazon Prime subscriptions always make a great gift. It is so nice to be able to order something and have it arrive in two days. Plus, your yogi can order whatever they need or want for their practice as well as enjoy other Prime perks of music and movies and TV. They will remember your fondly throughout the year. 🙂

Plus, maybe the best gift would be you enjoying yoga with your loved one. You can surprise them by starting right here with my free 14-day flexibility challenge. Each day is a short video and email with additional tips to help you stretch and feel better. They will LOVE it. Click the picture for more information and to get started. I will see you in there.

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