An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to Our Mats: The Benefits of Online Yoga

Online yoga, virtual yoga, Zoom yoga — yoga at home. This is a new and forced reality for many of us right now with the spread of COVID-19. Studios are closed, and the health and safety of our people is top priority. Yoga is versatile and doesn’t require many “supplies,” so many studios — including me — transitioned to offering classes online.

Then, an interesting thing happened — it was ok. It is and was different, but it was ok. It became ok. We settled in; our community rekindled and grew. I have had several new people joining in classes and some new connections made.

Studio classes will always — and should always — have a place in our practice. There are many benefits to studio classes (and potential for a future blog post).

BUT, a strong home practice is also important and should have its place as well. This opportunity has forced a lot of us to work on and nurture this home practice, and that is a great thing and maybe the biggest benefit of online yoga. From my own experiences and from those who have shared, there are a also few others:


It takes less time for a yoga class because the commute is so short.
This also cuts down on the amount of time away from family and home. There can be less guilt about going to yoga. This is a great limited resource to be saving.

It may additionally save money on gas and childcare costs. And what better role model for others in the home to see you practicing self-care.

No Competition

For those who can’t help but glance around and then compare themselves to others in class are alleviated that temptation when practicing at home. There is just you and your mat and your practice, just as it should be — alone or in studio. A strong at home practice can help you to release that desire to glance around and can help strengthen the focus of your own practice.

Yoga in your Pajamas

There is never any need for special clothes or to look glamorous for yoga. Practicing at home gives us the freedom to take this to heart.

No one will know if you are doing yoga in your pajamas, if your makeup is done, if you hair is perfect. You can truly be free and relaxed and focused on just the practice.

Community is Still There

As I foreshadowed above, my biggest fear with the transition to virtual classes was missing the community and camaraderie. I have been relived and thrilled to find that it remains. Those who join my virtual classes can freely chat before and after class. My membership has a private Facebook group and LIVE elements where they can connect as well.

Community is an important element to a yoga practice. We are not alone. And it’s nice to know we are not alone, even if we are practicing at home.

Unobstructed View

You can see me clearly and, maybe, on a large screen. I have had multiple clients express their enjoyment at being able to stream me to their TV or even seeing more clearly on their tablet than they sometimes can in class.

In class it might be darker; I might be moving around the room; others might be in their line of sight. Online, the camera is straight at me.

I may have struggled with that concept and may try not to think much about it, but it is a great help for clients who want to be sure they are following correctly and in the poses correctly.

My membership platform also has an app for easy viewing and streaming.

Members have their very own Yoga Concierge

One of my members called me her Yoga Concierge, and I told her that I loved that description and was going to steal it. That is exactly how I view my online membership. I provide the yoga that my members want and need and request.

Yoga for Stressful Days – check. Planned, Recorded, and Uploaded the next month
More audio files for download – check. Recorded and Uploaded the next month with more planned for future months.
Yoga Sculpt — check. Even created a new module in the course just for full-length Yoga Sculpt flows.

I am a Yoga Concierge. And I would love to have you join either my virtual classes via Zoom on a drop-in basis or my online monthly membership. The money you save on yoga clothes to impress and the gas to get to the studio will pay for it!

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I help busy career and family-focused individuals feel stronger by putting themselves back on their priority list and into their schedules. I value community and safe yoga, laid-back and heart-forward practices. 500 E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance with over 500 hours of accredited training and 2,500 hours of leading yoga and meditation for my community. Online Yoga Concierge, Owner: You, Yourself, and Yoga in, Kirksville, MO

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