The Chakras: Heart

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the air element. [The root is earth. Sacral chakra is liquid, and Solar Plexus is fire. ] 

The heart is our social identity. 

It’s connected to our self-acceptance. It’s a green energy at heart center. Balance is an essential principle of the Heart Chakra – balance within ourselves and balance with the outside world — both reaching out and taking it in. 

The first three chakras are focused on the self, grounded, finding our passion, and the direction we want to go. The Heart Chakra is where we begin to interact with the world, so it makes sense that balance is going to be key for this fourth chakra.   

The third chakra was the ego identity and the last of the chakras that are rooted to ourselves. The heart chakra is the first of the social chakras, dealing with others and the greater world. Being able to develop a healthy social identity without sacrificing the ego identity of the third chakra is sometimes difficult. We want to maintain our autonomy and love ourselves while also being able to build health relationships with others that do not limit or attempt to change our ego identity.  

When we are balanced in our heart chakra, we are compassionate and empathetic while peaceful and still loving of ourselves. It also leads to a healthier immune system. We are able to form and maintain healthy peer and family relationships and within ourselves. We care for others but also care equally for ourselves. We give the same love and attention and respect to the world as we do ourselves. 

Affirmations to help us open and balance our heart: 
I am worthy of love.  
I live in balance with myself.  
I love myself. 


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