The Chakras: Sacral Chakra


My previous post discussed the first Chakra — the Root Chakra. If you watch the video above, my YouTube channel has a “The Chakras” playlist so that you can catch up on any you miss. Chakras are definitely binge-worthy content. 🙂

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and the water element. The root is earth, our container. Sacral chakra is liquid, movement within our container. Once we have a stable root chakra and solid foundation and container, we have more ability for liquid and movement that is fulfilling for what we want.  

It’s connected to our self-gratification. It’s an orange energy in the lower abdomen between the naval and the base of the spine (root chakra). Sacral chakra is connected to movement, pleasure, sensations, emotions. 

Without a solid foundation, the rest of our work is less effective, which is why we started last time with the Root. It keeps us grounded enough to stay contained. The Sacral, next, allows us to be open enough to flow and connect. We are moved by the currents, the ebbs and flows, of life but not drowned. 

When we are balanced in our Sacral chakra, we have healthy boundaries, are able to change and pursue passions with a true sense of our feelings and emotions.  

Guilt is a side effect of an unbalanced Sacral chakra. Guilt stops us from pursuing passions, keeps us from enforcing healthy boundaries, drains our creativity and joy.  It makes sense, then, that guilt is a sign of an unbalanced sacral chakra.

I know that, for me, it was very difficult to make my yoga practice a priority when I first started. Committing to a weekly class seemed like a big ask – I am a working mom who felt guilty if I wasn’t home any time I wasn’t at work or required to be somewhere else.  I felt like it seemed like I should be home. 

However, I quickly began to realize that yoga made me feel better. Yoga made me healthier. Yoga was making me a better mom when I was there. Those weeks that I let guilt keep me from going to class only kept me from being my best self.  What I was doing wasn’t just for myself, but it helped my entire family and improved my entire life.

When I embraced my passion and set my boundaries, and pursued what inspired me, I continued to grow into a healthier and happier and more energetic version of myself.  

Affirmations to help us to pursue our passions:  
I deserve pleasure in my life 
I move easily and effortlessly 
I embrace my feelings and emotions.  
My feelings are important. 

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