The Chakras: Throat


Today’s discussion is the fifth chakra – the Throat Chakra.   

If you are new to me, I am Yoga with TG, and I am a teacher first; my brand of yoga doesn’t end at Namaste. I introduce people, just like you, to yoga and how great you can feel through a safe and nourishing practice that is fit for you. I am the yogi for the skeptical, the yogi for the inflexible, the yogi for YOU.  

I am currently in a Chakra series, discussing, one at a time, each of the seven chakras. Be sure to check out my other posts or my YouTube Chakra playlist for the previous discussions over the first four Chakras. 

The throat chakra is the sound element and is the second of the consciousness chakras. The upper chakras, as we rise out of the lower, more rooted chakras, breaks free from gravity and restrictions and into the realm of creative expression.   

The throat is our creative identity. It’s a turquoise energy at the throat, and it’s connected to our self-expression.  Self-expression is a gateway between the inner and outer world – our thoughts and our ability to express them as well as to take in the thoughts and expressions of others. 

This chakra is about sound, communication, creative as a conscious and willed process.  

When the throat is deficient, there is a fear of speaking up of telling the truth; it’s difficult to put feelings into words. However, the throat chakra can also be overactive. In excess, the throat chakra involves talking too much, gossiping, or an inability to listen.  

When we are balanced in our throat chakra, we are able to both speak and listen truthfully, fully, comfortably. Because we are clear in our communications, we are also able to be creative and expressive.  

Find the quiet to hear and listen to your truth. Journaling can be a great activity for the throat chakra, for finding and exploring self-expression.  

Affirmations to help us open and balance our throat chakra:  
I speak my truth.  
I listen to my truth.  
My voice is important.  
My truth is powerful.  

If you are interested in. yoga flows for each of the chakras, to help balance and open your chakras, I have a full set of full-length Vinyasa flows, one for each of the Chakras, and a bonus flow that puts them all together. Grab access to the full playlist here, and check in next time for discussion of the sixth Chakra – the Third-Eye. 



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